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25 February 2021

horlogerie déco marine

Louis Jeansol watch- and clock-making products

You dream to live your days completely with the sensation of a more natural rhythm?

You like the beautiful, the original and are sensitive to the design?

Louis Jeansol created for you products of clock- and watch-making of exception to measure time by the most natural possible representation:

Personal object, the Louis Jeansol watch is the novelty of this comeback 2011: to miss on no account! The French watch Louis Jeansol is a watch in the unique design, it suits perfectly for a present for woman or a present for man for the St Valentine's Day or for Christmas.

> Choose a model of bracelet watch for man or woman

Soltime© the clock of the sun  is a 24 hours clock. It presents, besides the hour of a classic clock (standard time), the course of sun in the sky in the style of a sundial.

This design clock is ideal to offer as present for a man for Christmas, or as idea of present of the Father's Day, it can be put as a desk clock ( small model), or hung on (collided) in your lounge or your kitchen ( big clock).

> Discover the Soltime range

For the seaside lovers also discover Soltide © the clock of tides

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Buy a clock of the sun, a clock of tides or a design watch

This present site allows you to choose, to order and to buy the clock or the watch of your on-line choice with a system of basket and a secure payment.

It is possible to contact us by e-mail by filling in the contact form.

The prices of clocks are mentioned for every model according to the colors or the chosen materials.

The delivery is free, with a maximum deadline of 5 days in reception of the order.

To know more about the Louis Jeansol products: click the wished sections.

Cadre Noir titane

Cadre Noir titane

273,00 €
Cadre Acier cadran Blanc

Watch 24h polished steel case white dial royal blue leather armband

241,50 €
St Malo

Watch 24h brushed steel case black dial black leather armband

241,50 €
Cadre Noir titane

Watch 24h Titanium Nitride case black dial black leather armband

390,00 €


Screen print Plexiglas, no frame, to hang External dimension : 30 x 30 cm Quartz movement...
119,90 €
Brescia Ivoire

Brescia Ivoire

89,00 €


79,90 €